Dolphins In Port Aransas

Popular Dolphin Watching Venues & Attractions

During a recent trip to Port Aransas to kick off summer for our family, my wife and I took our small boys and nieces to Roberts Point Park to spot and watch dolphins — reminding myself of the childhood show about a particular Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that I attentively loved watching on a weekly basis, Flipper.

We were able to spot a few dolphins at jovial play for roughly 10-15 minutes, not too far from the shore. We also spotted a dolphin adventure and encounters tour being given by The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Watching Adventure company.

The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Watching Adventure company docks next to the Ferry Landing and Roberts Point Park at Captain Kelly’s Deep Sea Headquarters. Visit their website for booking times and pricing.

In addition to Roberts Point Park, locals, and tourists also enjoy spotting and watching Port A’s most lovable creature of the wild, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, via the following venues:

  • All Fun Private Cruises
  • Anna B. Sailng Charters
  • Deep Sea Headquarters
  • Dolphin Dock
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Kohootz Boat Tours
  • Oso Fun
  • Out to Sea Adventures
  • Pirates of the Lydia Ann
  • Stray Cat Sailing Adventures
  • The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventure
  • Woody’s Sports Center