Dolphins In Port Aransas

Dolphins In Port Aransas

Watch Dolphins Year Around • Primarily March Through October

Visit and Watch Dolphins at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas, Texas

Nearly 75,000 people travel to Port A on an annual basis and for a variety of reasons.

One of the favorite stops along the way for most, especially those with children, is a stop-and-play date at Roberts Point Park.

Roberts Point Park is free to attend and park, and is located next to the Port A Ferry System, a free 24-hour service that is seven days a week and connects Mustang Island and Port A with Aransas Pass on the mainland.

Not only will you see the ferry transport cars, but you’ll occasionally hear live music, see tour boats and fishing boats, see a multitude of various birds taking flight, and spot Port A’s most inquisitive creatures loved by all — Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.

Dolphins can be spotted and intimately engaged in the mornings and evenings at Roberts Point Park. Although you can spot dolphins during the mid to late afternoon, bay traffic of fishing and tour boats tend to keep the dolphins afar.

Don’t let timing stop you from going to spot and watch dolphins because Roberts Point Park also has an elevated watch tower approximately 25-30 feet, allowing for spectacular binocular viewing of dolphins and breathtaking views of the bay.

In addition, dolphin spot and watch as you stroll up and down the jetty and walk out onto the fishing piers over the water.

Again, should you miss and not see the dolphins, then allow the kiddos to burn some energy playing on the Roberts Point Park playground.

Afterward, you’re only 1-2 minutes from exploring downtown, restaurants and finding more Port A interactive adventures.

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